Gear up for the shopping season and shop circular luxury this year

Gear up for the shopping season and shop circular luxury this year

With the pandemic still wielding its impact on the world, our already opaque supply chains and complex distribution channels continue to be highly disrupted. Consumers everywhere are now forced to accept things that would have been unimaginable in the pre-COVID “before times.” With the aftermath of factory closures and extensive shipping delays, we’re seeing headlines about empty shelves during the holiday shopping season.

As we head into the year’s dominant shopping months, everyone should be planning their approach to mitigating the problem, lest the extended wait times result in giving gifts months after the fact. Starting your holiday shopping before the rush is one way to deal with longer shipping times. Still, there’s something far worse than being late when it comes to giving holiday presents, and that’s inadvertently gifting a product with poor quality and potentially dangerous side effects.

While the issue may not be as widely reported, the risk of receiving counterfeit and otherwise inferior products is higher than usual this year. That’s because bad actors are all too willing to exploit the disconnect between supply and demand to make a quick profit. We advise exercising caution when purchasing from distant merchants. If there’s no visibility into the source of their products, a lack of reviews or it just seems it’s too good to be true, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

Then there’s the issue of environmental impact, which is one we should all be thinking about. Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. It’s blamed for 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and textile processing, whether using natural fibers or synthetics, often puts massive amounts of toxins in the water supply. Rainforests are being cleared out at a rapid pace in response to demands for wood based fabrics. Then, there’s the issue of disposal once we’ve tired of our wardrobes, because 72% of clothing is made with fibers that are not biodegradable.

People are increasingly aware of this negative impact, and they’re changing consumption habits in an effort to live more sustainable lives. In fact, according to thredUP’s 2021 Resale Report, circular consumption is growing at a pace 11 times faster than traditional retail. For the sustainability minded recipient on your list, a second hand gift could be the wisest and most considerate you can give.

Of course, there are still risks when purchasing from unknown sellers, so we recommend sticking with trusted merchants with solid histories and excellent feedback to ensure your purchase is safe, authentic and less harmful to the environment.

You can check out our list of Entrupy Verified Businesses to find trustworthy sellers located around the world, offering impeccably curated selections of sustainable luxury products both online and in store. Items with Entrupy’s Certificate of Authenticity are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, however we advise always checking the actual certificate using our search here to make sure it’s legit prior to completing your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Join the circular fashion movement while getting ahead of the holiday rush, shopping safe and smart with our network of trusted businesses today..

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