Entrupy for Sneaker Resellers

With Entrupy's sneaker authentication solution, you can focus on what you do best - growing your business!

Common problems for sneaker resellers

Increasingly Accurate Replicates

Replicate sneakers continue to improve, especially for the most in-demand styles.

Siloed Authentication Expertise

A reliance on key staff expertise can slow inventory processing and limit your inventory

Lower Conversion Rates

Due to high number of counterfeits, there is an inherent trust deficit in the secondary market which results in lower conversion rates.

Inconsistent Operations

Achieving consistent, reliable results amongst key staff is difficult to maintain across multiple stores or teams.

Ways we can help

Reduced Risk

Entrupy's solution helps you to authenticate your sneaker thus enabling to to accept inventory with reduced risk.

Overcome Reliance on Key Staff

Entrupy helps to overcome the reliance on either business owner or the key skilled staff

Higher Growth

Entrupy's authentication solution enables you to sell faster for higher revenue thus resulting in higher conversions

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