Sneaker Resellers

Sneaker Resellers

Establish yourself in the sneaker community and leave no doubt your kicks are legit

Why Authenticate with Entrupy?

In resale, reputation is everything, and just one fake can ruin what you’ve worked hard to build. With Entrupy, both you and your customers know for sure your inventory is legit.

Safeguard Against Superfakes

A lot of knock offs are easy to spot, but some are such good copies that even the most expert eyes have trouble telling the difference in photos or in hand. Entrupy’s technology sees things that people can’t, so even the best fakes are flagged for what they are.

Build on Existing Expertise

People with vast expertise and experience authenticating sneakers are out there, but they’re rare. Even if you have one on staff, they can’t work 24/7. Entrupy fills the knowledge gap while protecting buyers and sellers from fake products.

Flip Inventory Faster

Any doubt if an item is authentic can keep someone from buying. With Entrupy’s Sneaker Authentication technology and financial guarantee, people will have complete confidence that what they buy is the real deal, so you can sell faster at the best prices.

Add Value while Driving Revenue

Connect with the community while adding new revenue by making the solution available to anyone who needs a pair checked out. The service can pay for itself while you earn a reputation as a go-to for legit kicks.

Entrupy in your Workflow​

Verify Before Intake

Use Entrupy to verify the authenticity of sneakers before accepting them at the point of intake.

Showcase Certifications to Enhance Value

Inspire buyer confidence and sell items faster, for optimal prices by providing Entrupy’s Certificates of Authenticity.

Provide Authentication as a Service

Connect with the community and grow your reputation for trustworthy commerce by hosting Authentication events or offering on-demand service.

Add Fingerprinting to Safeguard Returns

Offer customers the peace of mind with a more flexible return policy, leveraging Fingerprinting to ensure the item returned is the same as the item sold.

What Our Customers Say

Authenticate the world's leading Sneaker brands

Note: Entrupy is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands listed on the Entrupy website. Entrupy’s authentication service is based solely on Entrupy’s detection algorithm, and the database relied upon is not based upon data provided by any of the brands listed on the Entrupy website. The brands listed on the Entrupy website or application are neither responsible for nor bound by any of Entrupy’s findings and may not honor any certificates of authenticity provided by Entrupy.

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Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business. If you have questions, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you shortly.