Instantly identify authentic and counterfeit luxury goods with artificial intelligence

Entrupy's luxury authentication solution enables businesses to authenticate luxury goods using artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision techniques. The system leverages a curated repository of millions microscopic surface images collected from over 200,000 authentic and fake products sourced from around the world.
Entrupy's authentication algorithms have been trained to differentiate between authentic and fake items near instantly, with a 99.1% accuracy rate. Every item that is authenticated helps Entrupy's algorithms learn and improve, creating a smarter solution that adapts to the changing world of luxury goods.

How Entrupy Luxury Authentication Works

Place the Entrupy device directly on the item and follow onscreen prompts to take images
Entrupy's AI algorithms evaluate the authenticity of the item and provide a result in real time
Display Entrupy certificates for authentic items, which are backed by the Entrupy financial guarantee
  • Portable Device
  • Mobile App
  • Authentication service on Cloud
  • Hi-res microscopic images
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • State of the art AI algorithms
Highly Accurate

With industry leading 99.1% accuracy that is continuously improving

Easy to use

Portable, on-demand solution that is suitable for all business users

Financial Guarantee

Entrupy certificates are backed by a financial guarantee, providing peace of mind

Top 15 Brands

Authentication coverage across the world's most popular luxury brands

Supporting luxury businesses since 2016

0 USD Millions

Worth of luxury inventory secured by Entrupy

0 Countries With Customers

Enabling trust for retail businesses globally

0 Unique Images

Collected from authentic and counterfeit inventory to train Entrupy's AI algorithms

Authenticate the world's leading luxury brands

Note: Entrupy is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. Entrupy’s authentication service is based solely on Entrupy’s detection algorithm, and the database relied upon is not based upon data provided by any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. The designers listed on the Entrupy website or application are neither responsible for nor bound by any of Entrupy’s findings and may not honor any certificates of authenticity provided by Entrupy.


Choose a subscription plan that's right for your business
Monthly Yearly

Authentication rollover and 10% discount included with yearly subscriptions

5 authentications included per month60 authentications included per year
$20.00 per authentication over 5$20.00 per authentication over 60
5 bonus authentications in the first month5 bonus authentications in the first month
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20 authentications included per month240 authentications are included per year
$17.50 per authentication over 20$17.50 per authentication over 240
10 bonus authentications in the first month10 bonus authentications in the first month
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40 authentications included per month480 authentications are included per year
$15.00 per authentication over 40$15.00 per authentication over 480
20 bonus authentications in the first month20 bonus authentications in the first month
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flexible billingflexible billing
Flexible plans based on volumeFlexible plans based on volume
Open APIs for integration with store systemsOpen APIs for integration with store systems
Detailed monthly usage reportsDetailed monthly usage reports
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Authentication rollover and 10% discount included with yearly subscriptions. Monthly plans do not have authentication rollover or discounts.

Note: Hermès Premium is not included in plans and is billed separately at $99 per item. Click here for the list of Hermès Premium styles pricing.

$299 one-time setup fee per device which includes Free Shipping (US & Canada), Training and Free Device Replacement. All plans come with a 14 day money-back guarantee. Note: Devices provided remain property of Entrupy, to be returned upon cancellation of service. For accounts with multiple locations, all locations will count towards account volume. Billing starts at the first authentication or on the 7th day after receiving device, whichever comes first

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the FAQ list will help you answer some of the more common questions you may have. If you have further questions, please contact Entrupy by calling 888.368.7879 or by clicking Contact us.

1. How does Entrupy work?

Entrupy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to authenticate select luxury branded handbags and accessories. Entrupy customers submit microscopic images of logos, leathers, hardware, and materials via the Entrupy device and app where the algorithms will score the item as either authentic or unverified based on the images submitted.

2. How accurate are the results?

We are proud to say that our accuracy rating is 99.1% but even better is we back every certificate we produce with a financial guarantee. What that means is that If we get it wrong, we will buy that item from you covering your financial loss. To learn more, please click here.

3. Which brands can you authenticate?

We currently support the top 15 luxury brands which you can find here, with plans to offer support to new brands and categories in the future. We’re also adding sneaker brands. Do check out our sneaker authentication page.

4. Can you authenticate an item for me if I send you photos?

Unfortunately no, we do not authenticate by photos but if you are in need of an authentication, we have a worldwide network of Entrupy Verified Businesses in which you can bring your item(s) in for an Entrupy authentication. Please click here to find a retailer close to you.

5. How much does your service cost?

Entrupy offers convenient monthly or yearly subscription plans, all based on volume with no contracts or commitments. Subscription plans can be found here and for larger volume customers, please contact us so we can discuss your authentication needs and provide a personalized quote.



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