Authenticate any designer bag, anywhere, instantly

Protect your reputation and never deal in fakes again


As a business, we know that your reputation is everything, so we built the best tool to protect it.

  • Build unshakeable trust with your customers and grow your business
  • Simply buy the hardware, install the app on your phone or use the browser, now any of your employees can authenticate!
  • Use the service in your store, allowing you to instantly make purchasing decisions
  • Generate and share certificates of authenticity that help you prove it!

How it works

1. Place the device on the bag in question, press a button on your smartphone and know the result in 15 seconds

2. While you attend to your customer, we match the data from the bag against our massive database and give you a result immediately

3. You can use the device to do multiple authentications on the same bag if you are unsure, at no extra cost!



The science behind it

Entrupy was brought to life by a team with 8 Degrees (including 2 Ph.Ds), decades of work experience, 4 patents and thousands of hours of research and testing. Our goal is to fight counterfeiting by protecting consumers and businesses from transacting in fakes. We were named as the 'Startup to watch...' by Forbes Magazine in 2013. 

We have built complex material detection techniques into Entrupy, detecting most materials ranging from canvas, leather, fabric, wood, paper, metal among and many others.

  • A database of over 1,000,000 reference samples ensures that every bag you authenticate is covered
  • Authentication accuracy of over 99% in tests and is steadily increasing with each new test

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