End-to-end product traceability powered by Fingerprinting

Entrupy Fingerprinting allows users to tag and identify every single, individual object uniquely using advanced computer vision techniques and microscopy. Fingerprinting is based on microscopic surface data of the physical object that cannot be replicated.
Fingerprints are extremely reliable and work even if there is wear and tear. Visual fingerprints can be generated on all kinds of surfaces. This allows manufacturers, retailers or CPG companies to virtually tag every single product and track it across their entire supply chain.

Solving Supply Chain Problems

Entrupy Fingerprinting enables end to end traceability and supply chain protection
Track and Trace

Track raw materials, components and finished goods across the supply chain without physically modifying products

Product Verification

Instantly verify the identity of products at points of return, service and warranty checks


End-to-end supply chain traceability and reporting (for high value products - finished goods)

Circular economy

Brands can buy back authentic and verified products as part of secondary sale

How Entrupy Fingerprinting Works

The Fingerprinting process is simple and takes just a few seconds
Register Products at Point of Deployment

Register each product with a single microscopic Fingerprint that is associated with a unique ID

Registration just takes 3-5 seconds.

Match Fingerprints at Different Touch Points

Verify a product return against a registered Fingerprint prior to confirming acceptance

Product verified as matching or non matching instantly with near 100% accuracy

Benefits for Your Supply Chain

Non Intrusive

Fingerprinting does not require any physical modification to the product


Fingerprinting is not prone to manipulation, imitation or data privacy risks


Fingerprinting is highly robust under all environmental conditions

Simple, Easy to Use

Offers plug and play capabilities with low upfront effort and cost

Enables Trust

Fingerprinting offers 100% accuracy thus enabling trust

Highly Versatile

Allows multiple stakeholders across the supply chain to derive the value

Fingerprinting Product Categories

Entrupy Fingerprinting has been applied across diverse product categories, industries and use cases
Handbags & Accessories
Watches & Jewelry
Wine & Spirits

Entrupy Fingerprinting in your Supply Chain

  • 1

    Register high value products before packaging

  • 2

    Trace products & detect counterfeits

  • 3

    Transact with Trust

Register each product individually by capturing its unique fingerprint with Entrupy device

Assign unique identifying information to the Fingerprint (e.g. product provenance, history)

It’s completely low touch and doesn’t require any changes to the product

Protect supply chain: Offers instant product verification at all touch points

Detect fraudulent returns instantly at service, warranty or store

Detect tampered products: Strategic fingerprints captured from the product allows to detect product tamper even in the after-market

In-store experience: Verify the item’s authenticity, retrieve provenance, and unlock other interactive brand experiences

Speedier return & service – Enable faster return processing, warranty checks and delightful service

Protect brand value: Develop lasting consumer confidence by enabling trust

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