Entrupy for Retailers

With Entrupy Fingerprinting solution, retailers can accept returns with confidence

Common problems for retailers

Authentication Consistency

Achieving consistency in authentication is extremely difficult and to scale it across all the stores is even tougher

Protecting the Brand Equity

Reputation is at stake for the retailers; any incorrect result directly impacts the brand and reputation

Protecting Supply Chain Integrity

Limited staff expertise & insufficient information to verify returned items results in counterfeits in the supply chain

Preventing Return Fraud

No fail-safe mechanism to prevent return fraud or internal thefts. Existing solutions have limited prevention capabilities

Ways we can help

Trustworthy Commerce

Entrupy helps you to protect supply chain integrity thus promoting trustworthy commerce & protects your brand & reputation

Higher Efficiency

Using Entrupy, you can increase the turn around time for inventory processing and return claims leading to higher efficiency across your stores

Avoid Fraudulent Returns

Retailers can authenticate and verify the customer returned item to prevent any potential fraud due to fake returns

Better Customer Experience

Entrupy helps you to reduce fraud at returns, reduce friction at supply chain & ensures better customer experience

You're in good company...

The introduction of Entrupy has allowed us have confidence in our product we hold in our supply chain and ensure that we continue to offer an excellent customer experience
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