Safeguard high-value inventory, eliminate return fraud and streamline the customer experience without risk

Why Implement Entrupy?

Verify Authenticity and register identity for high-value items to bring new levels of protection to any point in the supply chain and product lifecycle.

Protect Inventory

Return fraud, employee theft and abuses such as wardrobing cost retailers billions every year. Entrupy Fingerprinting is easily added to your loss prevention measures as an invisible, immutable layer of protection against fraudulent returns and erroneous restocking.

Build Trust

Your reputation is among your most valuable assets. Adding Entrupy Fingerprinting to your inventory control processes is an unobtrusive-yet-powerful way to show you’re committed to the quality of everything you sell.

Scale Expertise

To have a product expert manually verify every return is unscalable, and bad actors are ready to exploit that weak point in the supply chain. Entrupy Fingerprinting is a scalable solution for accurately verifying that an item returned is the same as the item sold.

Speed Returns

The high risk of return fraud leads to slow and inefficient verification methods that delay customer refunds. Entrupy Fingerprinting provides instant confirmation of a product’s identity, enabling immediate processing while ensuring counterfeits can’t penetrate the supply chain.

Entrupy in your Workflow

Register and Verify Inventory

Make Entrupy a part of your standard procedure for processing incoming, high-value merchandise.

Confirm Identity Before In-store Sale

Provide additional quality assurance at the point of sale by confirming the item is a match to your registered inventory.

Confirm Identity in Distribution Centers

Deploy Entrupy Fingerprinting in distribution centers to capture and record identity of items being shipped to buyers.

Rescan to Confirm Identity During Returns

Whether in store or in a processing center, Entrupy Fingerprinting confirms and item’s identity, ensuring a returned item is the same as the one sold.

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