Return Fraud Detection

Return Fraud Detection
A customer-friendly and accurate way to ensure the product returned is the same as the product shipped

Why Implement Entrupy Fingerprinting?

Avoid Fraud

Entrupy Fingerprinting is a fool-proof way to spot and stop attempts at “switch” fraud. Easily deployed at the point of sale as well as in distribution centers, Fingerprinting ensures the item returned is the exact same item that was originally sold and/or shipped.

Build Trust

Your reputation is among your most valuable assets. Adding Entrupy Fingerprinting to your inventory control processes is an unobtrusive-yet-powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the quality of everything you sell.

Scale Expertise

To have a product expert manually verify every return is unscalable, and bad actors are ready to exploit that weak point in the supply chain. Entrupy Fingerprinting is the scalable solution for retailers and logistics centers to accurately verify that an item returned is the same as the item sold.

Speed Returns

The high risk of return fraud leads many retailers to implement slow and inefficient verification methods, ultimately causing delays in refunds. Entrupy Fingerprinting provides instant confirmation of a product’s identity, enabling immediate processing while ensuring counterfeits can’t penetrate the supply chain.

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Immediately process returns and ensure the items returned are the same as those sold

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Grow your business by accepting high-value soft goods with complete confidence

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Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

Build customer trust by detecting fraudulent items at scale and preventing their sale on your platform

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How It Works​

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Use Entrupy’s mobile app to capture a microscopic image of each item.

Images are processed by Entrupy’s patented technology.

The minute details that make that item unique are recorded and associated with a permanent, immutable identification code.

At any point, the item’s identification can be reconfirmed with an additional scan.

Entrupy in your Workflow

Register Incoming Inventory

Make Entrupy Fingerprinting a part of your standard operating procedure for processing incoming, high-value merchandise.

Confirm Identity Before In-store Sale

Provide additional quality assurance at the point of sale by confirming the item is a match to your registered inventory.

Confirm Identity in Distribution Centers

Deploy Entrupy Fingerprinting in distribution centers to capture and record identity of items being shipped to buyers.

Rescan to Confirm Identity During Returns

Whether in store or in a processing center, Entrupy Fingerprinting confirms and item’s identity, ensuring a returned item is the same as the one sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following FAQ list will help you answer some of the more common questions you may have. If you have further questions, please contact Entrupy by calling 888.368.7879 or by clicking Contact us.

Every item, even those that are mass produced, has unique characteristics that make it different from other objects. For example, two iPhones that are the same model and are manufactured in the same factory on the same day, will still have minute differences in characteristics like the physical textures. Entrupy Fingerprinting leverages microscopy and artificial intelligence to capture and record these differences, enabling that item to be re-identified at any point in its lifecycle.

Fingerprinting as a technology is applicable to any physical product without requiring physical modification of the product. Categories for which Entrupy has developed significant support include designer bags & accessories, watches, beauty products, wine & spirits, electronics and medical equipment.

Entrupy Fingerprinting is an unobtrusive system of product authentication that has two significant advantages over traditional identity solutions. First, unlike barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, holograms and QR codes that require something to be attached to or printed on the physical item, Fingerprinting is completely non-intrusive. The identity is recorded using just a single microscopic image. This makes the solution much faster and easier to implement at any point in the supply chain while enabling products to keep their integrity.

Second, Fingerprinting is significantly more secure than traditional solutions, which generally lack security and are therefore more prone to manipulation. For example, there have been a number of instances where an existing QR code was replaced with a lookalike. When the QR code was scanned, users would be unknowingly redirected to malicious content or trojan scripts, revealing their valuable personal information to bad actors. This vulnerability to corruption creates enormous risks around data privacy.
Entrupy Fingerprinting can easily be added to your loss prevention measures to provide an invisible layer of protection against fraudulent returns and erroneous restocking. By adding it to your inventory control processes, you’re providing your customers with a powerful demonstration of your commitment to ensuring the authenticity of everything you sell.

We all know that product experts are few and far between, and that makes the returns process easy for bad actors to exploit. Entrupy Fingerprinting can also serve as the ultimate product expert, enabling retailers and distribution to accurately verify that the item returned is the same as the item sold.

Lastly, Entrupy Fingerprinting helps improve the customer experience by enabling faster returns. The high risk of return fraud leads many retailers to implement slow and inefficient verification methods, ultimately causing delays in refunds. Entrupy Fingerprinting provides instant confirmation of a product’s identity, enabling immediate processing while ensuring counterfeits can’t penetrate the supply chain.

Fingerprinting is easily incorporated in your existing workflow:

  • Pre-sale product registration: Before or during the sale, simply scan the item using Entrupy’s device. In approximately 3 to 5 seconds, that item is forever recorded in Entrupy’s cloud database.
  • Post-sale return verification: If the customer attempts to return a product, simply re-scan the item. Entrupy’s algorithms compare the item you have in hand against the registered Fingerprint image. If the product is the same, the Fingerprint will match. If it’s not the same item, then it won’t. 

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