Instantly identify authentic and counterfeit sneakers with artificial intelligence

Entrupy's sneaker authentication solution enables businesses to authenticate sneakers using artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision techniques. Entrupy's authentication system analyzes thousands of unique data points on the world’s most popular sneakers to instantly determine authenticity.
In addition to verifying authenticity, Entrupy sneaker authentication provides product fingerprinting and registration with every item scanned, making them fool-proof from swapping. The immutable identifier is created based on characteristics that are invisible to the human eye and specific to each shoe. At any point in the future, the exact identity of that item can be reconfirmed by performing a new scan and verification against the records in Entrupy’s secure cloud database.

Why Authenticate with Entrupy?

Safeguard Against Superfakes

A lot of knock offs are easy to spot, but some can be such good copies that even the most expert eyes have trouble telling the difference in photos or in hand. Entrupy’s technology sees things that people can’t, so even the best fakes are flagged for what they are.

Build on Existing Expertise

People with vast expertise and experience authenticating sneakers are out there, but they’re rare. Even if you have one on staff, they can’t work 24/7. Entrupy fills the knowledge gap while protecting buyers and sellers from fake products.

Flip Inventory Faster

Any doubt if an item is authentic can keep someone from buying. With Entrupy’s Sneaker Authentication technology and financial guarantee, people will have complete confidence that what they buy is the real deal, so you can sell faster at the best prices.

Add Value while Driving Revenue

Connect with the community while adding new revenue by making the solution available to anyone who needs a pair checked out. The service can pay for itself while you earn a reputation as a go-to for legit kicks.

Is Entrupy Sneaker Authentication Right for Your Business?

Sneaker Resellers

Gain credibility in the sneaker community as a trusted seller.


Grow your business by accepting high-value soft goods with complete confidence.

Online Marketplace

Build customer trust by detecting fraudulent items at scale and preventing their sale on your platform.

How It Works

Enter the product information in the Entrupy App to start the authentication process.

Capture images of each the shoes in the pair as guided by the app.

Entrupy’s AI goes to work, comparing images to an extensive database. In one minute the app will tell you if the item is legit or not.

With each scan, Entrupy’s algorithms get smarter and more accurate, even with products as varied as sneakers.

Entrupy in your Workflow

1. Verify Before Intake

Use Entrupy at the point of intake to ensure every item you accept is legit.

2. Make Smart Decisions

Accept or reject items based on Entrupy’s authentication findings.

3. Enhance Sales

Show your customers the Entrupy Certification to prove value and sell faster for higher prices.

4. Sell with Confidence

Know both you and your customers are protected by Entrupy’s financial guarantee.

Apply to Join the Entrupy Sneaker Authentication Beta Program

Entrupy is inviting qualified sellers and resellers of frequently-counterfeited sneaker styles including Nike Air Jordan 1, Adidas Yeezys and Gucci to join the beta testing program, which will grant them no-cost use of the technology for the remainder of 2021. The full launch of Entrupy Sneaker Authentication app is expected in 2022.

Click on the below button to submit an application form to join the Entrupy Sneaker Authentication Beta Program, and our team will get in touch with you.