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Build customer trust by detecting fraudulent items at scale and preventing their sale on your platform

Why Authenticate with Entrupy?

With today’s global economy, transactions are often both anonymous and distant. Entrupy brings trust to the equation, enabling more confidence and better business

Build a Reputation of Trust

People are cautious when buying items they can’t touch from people they don’t know. Entrupy’s authentication and fingerprinting solutions are a testament to your trustworthiness and make customers more confident about purchasing from your platform.

Safeguard Against Liability

While a marketplace’s criminally liability for counterfeit goods sold by third-parties remains undetermined by U.S. law, the risk of civil lawsuits remains. The safest solution is prevention, which Entrupy’s authentication solutions and luxury product certification provide.

Overcome Limited Expertise

While manual authentication has been the de facto norm for decades, access to true experts is limited and their talents, unscalable. Entrupy offers infinitely scalable, easy-to-deploy solutions that give any location across your organization the expertise they need when they need it.

Avoid Losses from Return Fraud

Entrupy Fingerprinting is a fool-proof way to spot and stop attempts at “switch” fraud, a particularly insidious form of return fraud. Easily deployed at the point of sale as well as in distribution centers, Fingerprinting ensures the item returned is the exact same item that was originally sold and/or shipped.

Entrupy in your Workflow​

Verify Before Listing

Use Entrupy Authentication for luxury products and sneakers, verifying their authenticity before making publicly available on your platform.

Scan to Confirm Identity Before Sale

Add Entrupy Fingerprinting to register items prior to their sale, creating a immutable record of their identities.

Leverage Certifications to Enhance Value

Inspire buyer confidence and sell items faster, for optimal prices by showcasing Entrupy Certificates of Authenticity.

Rescan to Confirm Identity During Returns

Ensure the item being returned is the same as the one sold by confirming its identity with a second Entrupy Fingerprint scan.

What Our Customers Say

Over the years, has benefited from our local community’s generous donations of high-end items. At the same time, we’ve witnessed ‘Caveat Emptor’ first hand, and that skepticism keeps us from maximizing the full value of that generosity. With the Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity, shoppers can feel confident about their transaction and great about themselves, because their purchase benefits the Goodwill mission to change lives through the power of work.
Ryan Smith, Senior Director of Online Operations (Goodwill e-commerce platform)
The device is a game changer! It is easy to use, the customer service is beyond awesome and our customers love knowing our products are backed by a financial guarantee. Did we mention the time savings? This is an investment that you won’t regret!
New Digz Consignment
I know that we have been selling our bags for a lot more money because of the certificate!
Brett Bartschi, VP of Donated Goods Goodwill South Florida

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Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business. If you have questions, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you shortly.