About Us

Why Entrupy

Entrupy builds scalable solutions for verifying products using artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to secure inventory and protect supply chains while adding trust to transactions at retail and resale.
Founded and based in New York, Entrupy develops patented, proprietary solutions that address the needs of businesses, governments and other organizations for whom maintaining trust is mission-critical.
  • Entrupy’s solutions are focused around authenticity and traceability.
  • These are carefully crafted with multiple years of research. With deployments around the globe, the solutions have been battle hardened.
  • Near-100% accuracy rate with added protection against potential financial losses 
  • Infinitely more secure and scalable than manual solutions
  • Founded and led by a highly-credentialed team including two PhDs
  • Created after four years of extensive research and development in conjunction with New York University
  • User-friendly application can be used with little training
  • Vision-based approach requires no product modifications
  • Plug-and-play deployment for 1 location or 1000 
  • Secured over $500 million customer inventory (as of Dec 2020)*
  • Used by hundreds of businesses large and small including brands, retailers, governments, online marketplaces and resellers