Luxury Resellers

Luxury Resellers ​

Assure the authenticity of luxury inventory to build trust and sell faster at optimal prices​

Why Authenticate with Entrupy?​

In luxury resale, your reputation is among your most valuable assets. Entrupy eliminates the risk of inadvertently dealing in counterfeit items, safeguarding your customers, inventory and reputation.

Safeguard Against Counterfeits

“Superfakes” can be so accurate that even the most expert eyes have trouble telling the difference. Entrupy’s technology sees things that people can’t, so even the best fakes can’t sneak through.​

Overcome Limited

While manual authentication is the de facto norm, access to experts is limited and their talents, unscalable. Entrupy’s Luxury Authentication is more accurate than any human’s naked eye, and little training is required to effectively deploy.​

Maximize Business Profits

Even the slightest shadow of doubt can keep you from getting the price you want. Entrupy’s Certificate of Authenticity is most trustworthy testament to true value, enabling faster sales and higher profits.

Open Additional Revenue Streams

In addition to giving ability to confidently buy and sell items at top prices, Entrupy is itself a service that can be offered to your customers to improve your relationships and drive additional revenue.

Entrupy in your Workflow​

Verify Before Intake

Use Entrupy to verify the authenticity of high-value items before accepting them at the point of intake.

Showcase Certifications to Enhance Value

Inspire buyer confidence and sell items faster, for optimal prices by providing Entrupy Certificates of Authenticity.

Provide Authentication as a Service

Strengthen relationships and grow your reputation for trustworthy commerce by hosting Authentication events or offering on-demand service to valued customers.

Add Fingerprinting to Safeguard Returns

Offer customers the peace of mind with a more flexible return policy, leveraging Fingerprinting to ensure the item returned is the same as the item sold.

What Our Customers are Saying

We are really strict about authentication. We encourage our stores, the retailers that we work with of all sizes to include a Certificate of Authenticity. It can really help close a sale and it can be really helpful with the actual sales price of an item. Having that Certificate of Authenticity come with a bag is another seal of approval.
Emily Erkel, CMO and Co-Founder of LePrix
Since my business, Upscale Alley, deals only in high end designer handbags and accessories, you have clearly saved me at least $20,000 this year alone in replica handbags,. Thank you Entrupy, you’re the best! I can sleep well at night knowing that my clients will always have your certificate guaranteeing authenticity.
Upscale Alley, Lake Worth Florida
Before Entrupy, we were relying primarily on experienced staff who were trained to identify the hallmarks of a brand. We would also take the integrity of the consignor into consideration as many of our top consignors consistently bring us high end things, many of which have brand authentication cards, receipts, etc. However, in the age of superfakes, that is no longer enough.
May Doherty, Owner Chic Consignment (Massachusetts-based luxury consignment business)
We have been using Entrupy for about 3 years now. Entrupy gives our customers the confidence to purchase luxury handbags from a resale store and truly know what they are getting. Counterfeit bags, unfortunately, keep getting better and better. Customers are, understandably so, very cautious when it comes to buying high-end handbags from anyone other than the retailer itself. Being able to provide a customer with a certificate of authenticity is such a powerful thing. Additionally, Entrupy give us as retailers the peace-of-mind that we are buying only authentic items for resale. Our reputation is everything when it comes to selling only authentic product, and Entrupy allows us to confidently stand behind these items.
Angie Welsh, Style Encore & Plato’s Closet Maple Grove
Authentication is a service we take pride in, especially when dealing with multiple sources of assets and in a rental business where there are many change of hands and transfers. We invest in developing multiple layers of security to reduce identity fraud (dubious sources) and stand by our policy of no counterfeits.
Brenda Ling, Senior Buyer, Style Theory ( Singapore-based fashion rental business)
Entrupy is an “invaluable tool” for my business that “removes the layer of doubt in the minds of customers and helps propel conversions”.
Julie Yoo Owner, I Miss You Vintage

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Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business. If you have questions, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you shortly.