Entrupy for Luxury Resellers

With Entrupy, luxury resellers benefit from having a world class authentication solution at their fingertips

Common problems for luxury resellers

Counterfeit Luxury

High circulation of counterfeit products in the luxury resale market makes authentication a primary requirement for gaining customer trust.

Authentication Expertise

Historically, only certain key members have the expertise to authenticate luxury goods, creating bottlenecks in the business process.

Loss of Opportunity

Lack of authentication knowledge of rare or vintage items results in loss of opportunities when customers present a variety of luxury items.

Ways we can help

Reduced Risk

Every certificate issued for items authenticated by Entrupy is backed by financial guarantees thus reducing your risk.

Overcome Reliance on Key Staff

Anyone can authenticate with Entrupy with a minimal training. With over 15 brands, we got you covered!

Higher Growth

Entrupy certificate of authenticity can send trust signals to your buyers, enabling faster sales at higher price.

New Revenue Stream

You can buy and sell a variety of items with confidence. You can offer authentication as a service to your customers & generate additional revenue.

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You're in good company...

Before Entrupy, we were relying primarily on experienced staff who were trained to identify the hallmarks of a brand. We would also take the integrity of the consignor into consideration as many of our top consignors consistently bring us high end things, many of which have brand authentication cards, receipts, etc. However, in the age of superfakes, that is no longer enough.
May Doherty, Chic Consignment, USA Owner
People have more confidence in the device and technology than they do in an individual and even though I have bought and sold thousands and thousands of designer items at this point, ultimately, I don't have the same database in my mind that Entrupy has inside of the device.
Marque - A Joy in Luxury, USA Owner
We are able to quickly detect counterfeits now. Prior to Entrupy, it was a time consuming and costly experience when we would get in an inauthentic piece; now we know almost instantly and the whole process is less stressful.
Opulent Habits USA

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