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Fashion United
Behind Entrupy, official AI authenticator for luxury handbags on TikTok Shop
Weekend Briefing: The convergence of social media and commerce
Entrupy Becomes an Official TikTok Shop Authenticator
Jimmy Choo Collaborates With Jean Paul Gaultier, Entrupy Is TikTok Shop’s Official U.S. Luxury Authenticator
Business Insider
TikTok Shop is luring luxury-bag buyers as it partners with Entrupy to authenticate purses
Harper's Bazaar
Entrupy’s AI authentication empowers vintage luxury resellers worldwide ensuring confident and guaranteed transactions.
Discover how Entrupy’s innovative AI technology is leading the charge in combating fashion counterfeits, potentially saving retailers millions.
Financial Times
How does Entrupy use AI to end the era of the fashion super-fake?
The Sun
Combating Retail’s $1 Trillion Theft Problem: How AI and Entrupy Tackle Fake Chanel Handbags, Nike Sneakers, and More
Style Cartel
Discover how Entrupy’s AI is revolutionizing Fashion Marketing
The Sun
Tackling the Menace of Counterfeit Sneakers using the all new Entrupy App
The Sun
Entrupy: AI Technology addresses the Trillion-Dollar Fake Handbag Problem
Entrupy Unveils Anti-Counterfeiting Technology: New age of AI
Building Trust in Secondhand Luxury and Sneaker Sales: How Retailers Utilize Entrupy’s AI Technology
Sourcing Journal
Entrupy’s Sneaker Authentication is Beta Testing! Exciting news coming soon
The Wall Street Journal
Entrupy: AI is the New Weapon Against Counterfeits – Empowering Brands in the Fight
Disrupting the Counterfeit Trade: How Entrupy’s A.I. Technology is Game Changer in the Fight Against Fakes
The Wall Street Journal
Protecting Retailers and Shoppers: Entrupy’s Patented Algorithm Detects Hidden Features Unseen by the Human Eye
Unmasking the Secrets: How Entrupy is Crushing the Fake Handbag Industry
The Fashion Law
Unveiling the Counterfeit Resale Menace: How Entrupy is Protecting the Luxury Market with AI-Powered Solutions
Entrupy’s Lightbox: The Magic Box Revolutionizing Sneaker Authentication in Minutes
Business Insider
Entrupy Lightbox: Your Ultimate Tool to Instantly Spot Fake Nike and Adidas Sneakers
Entrupy Lightbox: Authenticating Sneakers in 60 Seconds with Unmatched Accuracy
Entrupy Showcases Fingerprinting Solution to Tackle Counterfeits and Return Fraud at Paris Retail Week
Entrupy Lightbox: The Modest Wooden Box That’s Tackling the Counterfeit Sneaker Crisis
LVMH - La Maison des Startups
Entrupy Selected to Join LVMH Accelerator Initiative in the Fight Against Counterfeit Goods
Who What Wear
Luxury Purse Lovers: Discover How Entrupy is Protecting Your Handbag Investment
Exposed: How Entrupy Reveals the Truth About Your Swap-Meet Louie!
Identificar carteiras falsas? Descubra como Entrupy pode ajudar
Real or Fake? How Entrupy’s AI Tech Can Help Spot Authentic Luxury Products