Entrupy for Brands

With Entrupy Fingerprinting, brands can trace products through the supply chain

Common problems for brands

Protecting The Brand

Counterfeit products entering the distribution dilutes brand reputation and increases risk and reduces consumer trust

Reduced Revenue

Having counterfeit products in the market erodes the addressable market and reduces the potential revenue

Complex Supply Chain

Supply chains are becoming more global, complex and difficult to enforce compliance with staff and contractors

Quality Control

Verifying high quality & zero defect product is difficult to achieve without automation at scale

Ways we can help

Trustworthy Commerce

Entrupy helps you to protect supply chain integrity thus promoting trustworthy commerce & protects your brand & reputation

Traceability and Control

Entrupy enables track and trace of products across every touch point in the supply chain thus enabling trust across the stake holders

Enables Re-commerce

Brands can authenticate and verify every product in the market for re-pruchase and enabling circular economy for sustainable future

Improves Customer Experience

Entrupy ensures that only authentic products reach the consumers & improves the customer experience

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