Grow your business by accepting high-value soft goods with complete confidence

Why Authenticate with Entrupy?

The market for second-hand goods is booming, and high-end accessories are among the most lucrative categories. With Entrupy, both pawn businesses and customers can benefit from the trend.

Overcome Limited Expertise

No luxury accessory specialist on hand? No problem. There is no knowledge requisite and little training required to effectively deploy Entrupy authentication, and our team of experts is always there to support you if necessary.

Safeguard Against Counterfeits

Don’t let fear of inadvertently accepting a counterfeit item be a deterrent. Entrupy authentication eliminates the risk of making costly errors and safeguards decisions with our financial guarantee

Attract New

The market for luxury soft goods is markedly different from that for hard items like guns and gold. Adding Entrupy authenticated products to your inventory opens the door to an entirely new, often young and female clientele.

Open New Revenue Streams

In addition to expanding the categories of products you can confidently accept as loan collateral, Entrupy Authentication is itself a service that can be offered to the public to generate additional revenue.

Entrupy in your Workflow​

Verify Before Intake

Use Entrupy to verify the authenticity of high-value items before accepting them as collateral at the point of intake.

Showcase Certifications to Enhance Value

Inspire buyer confidence and sell items faster, for optimal prices by providing Certificates of Authenticity.

Provide Authentication
as a Service​

Expand your customer base and grow your reputation for trustworthy commerce by hosting certification events or offering on-demand service to valued customers.

Add Sneaker Authentication to Join the “Sneakerhead” Economy

Reselling sneakers is a multi-billion dollar market. With Entrupy, you don’t need to be a streetwear expert to get in on this lucrative trade.

What Our Customers Say

Entrupy is an invaluable tool as we and clients can buy, sell, loan, and trade with confidence. We loved the idea of artificial intelligence backing up our claim that an item was real, so as soon as we saw the device, we knew it was going to be worth having in our store. I am not sure what year it was, but it may have been 2016?
Beth Anundi Co-owner, Capital Pawn & Couture
Hello! I manage the Diamond Banc in KC MO. We just started our subscription with Entrupy this Jan and we all love it. I saw you in pawn forum group and wanted to share with you, had my first replica LV. Your awesome company saved me $500!! Thank you!
Sicily Von Overfelt, Manager of Diamond Banc in Kansas City, MO

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Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business. If you have questions, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you shortly.