One Companies $2000 Misstep

One Companies $2000 Misstep

One of our branded partners, Huntington Beach Fine Jewelry, just shared a rather amazing story with us about how they almost lost nearly $2,000 on a Chanel bag they thought was fake.

Until utilizing the Entrupy device to authenticate luxury handbags, they did everything the old-fashioned way. Spending time on Google, eyeballing the hardware and stitching, and relying on items they had seen in the past. Basically, how authenticating luxury handbags had always been done.

Approximately two years ago, they received a Chanel tote bag from a customer. After different employees tried authenticating it, they all agreed that it was fake. It was tossed aside and buried under piles of other ‘stuff’.

Fast forward to the present time and they are happily using Entrupy to authenticate all the handbags that come through their door. Someone suggested that they dig that fake Chanel bag out from under the pile and test it for a laugh. What do you think happened? Yep, it’s authentic.


Imagine you had an extra $2000+ laying around for two years, and had no idea because you didn’t know how to authenticate the bag?



Even with the care cards and Chanel inserts, you can never be 100% sure that a bag is authentic, as those items are faked every day as well. This is why Entrupy was created. To allow you to buy and sell only authentic luxury handbags, and also to remove any guesswork in the authentication process.

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