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Using The History Tab

History overview

All of your submissions can be found in the History tab (clock icon) on the main screen of the app.

In the History tab the result type will be displayed on the upper right hand corner of the submission.

  • A gold “Entrupy Verified” check mark indicates that the item has been determined by our algorithms to be Authentic.
  • A gray UFO symbol indicates that the item is Unidentified due to being microscopically inconsistent with authentic items of the same or similar brand and material, and that Entrupy cannot issue a certificate for the item.
  • A purple “/” indicates that the item is Not Supported (because either product type, brand or material of the item is not currently supported for Entrupy authentication).

Viewing previously authenticated items

Certificates can always be accessed in the History tab. To view a certificate, scroll to a specific previously authenticated item with the gold “Entrupy Verified” check mark which indicates that the item is Authentic. You may also email or print a certificate after navigating to an To send yourself a certificate we recommend linking your email to the mail app or printing through a wireless printer.

If you have questions about a result, you can “flag” an item from the History tab. Please note that only items that have been issued a result can be flagged. Under Review items cannot be flagged.

You can flag an item by selecting a specific item in the History tab and tapping the three dots on the upper right corner, following which a dropdown menu shows the option to “Flag This Item”. The Entrupy Support team will then reach out to you to answer any questions about the item.

A flagged item will show a red flag on the submission in question in the history tab, it will remain red until it has been resolved.

You can unflag an item by tapping the three dots on the upper right corner and selecting “Unflag This Item”. Also when a flagged item has been resolved by Entrupy Support, it will show up as a green flag in your History tab.

To update the text input for a date code / serial number and SKU from the History tab, tap the three dots on the upper right hand corner of a specific item’s result screen, and select “Edit Item Details”. To edit a date code / serial number of an item whose result has already been issued, please contact Entrupy Support.