Entrupy Publications

Entrupy Publications

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Why Implement Entrupy?

Prevent the intrusion of unauthorized, fraudulent and potentially dangerous parts at any point in the supply chain and product lifecycle.

Add Invisible Traceability

Entrupy Fingerprinting provides covert, immutable, end-to-end traceability and reliable, instant identification at any stage, from from raw materials through finished goods and even after sale.

Secure Without Modification

Entrupy Fingerprinting is a secure, tamper-proof replacement for tags, holograms and other solutions requiring physical attachment to or modification of the item.

Speed Inventory Tracking & Reporting

Reduce the amount of manual interaction needed to combat fraudulent behavior, detect distribution of non-authorized products while streamlining critical logistics processes.

Manage Liability & Protect your Brand

Instantly detect low-quality counterfeit parts, product tampering and counterfeit items, eliminating the risk of complaints, lost reputation and lawsuits stemming from inferior and faulty goods.

Entrupy in your Workflow​

Register Parts & Finished Inventory

Make Entrupy a part of your standard logistics operations at any point in the supply chain and product lifecycle.

Confirm Identity in Distribution Centers and at Point of Sale

Provide additional quality assurance at the point of sale by confirming the item is a match to your registered inventory.

Enable Brand-Safe Resale

Provide the persistent ability to identify authentic items, enabling safer resale and the ability to join the circular economy without risk to your brand identity.

Enhance Post-sale Services

Easily identify items eligible for repairs and other warranty services and offer unique and engaging interactive experiences across the product lifecycle.

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