Entrupy Brij

Entrupy Brij is the first and only app that lets anyone quickly and easily mint NFTs of physical objects, enabling them to connect ownership in the real world and evolving metaverse. Brij provides the immutable and verifiable link between your physical object and the NFT. Entrupy’s Brij enables anyone who sees value in bringing the physical world into the metaverse. That could be manufacturers, traders, collectors and creators. We at Entrupy would like to keep it open to everyone and make it simple and easy to use for anyone. We understand it’s the hardest part of the problem; but we have the experience of building one of the world’s top imaging and AI teams, so we are up for it. By open, we mean that we aim to release integrations with any relevant blockchain, any wallet, marketplace or manufacturer.

Who’s the intended audience for Entrupy’s Brij


You’re a brand and would like to engage with your consumers with NFT of your products to attract, verify and connect with consumers in the metaverse.


You’re a digital artist and want to mint your original work of art and trade it on Open Sea for crypto? Let’s make it happen!

Watch Collector

You’re a watch collector and want to mint your rare Rolex James Bond edition and trade it on OpenSea for crypto? Let’s make it happen!


You’re a vintner and want to mint 100 Limited Edition collector bottles? Let’s Brij them


You absolutely adore your handbag or dress and want to wear it in the virtual world? The 'Exact Same Dress'? Done.

Sneaker Enthusiast

You are a sneaker trader and want top $ for yourself? Brij it to establish ownership and we will build authentication wrap-arounds on it.

Crypto Platform

You are Coinbase and need more adoption and retention? Get users to upload their physical goods to trade. We’ll share our SDK with you.


You are a top marketplace for collectibles and would like your users to upload their physical goods to trade? Use Brij SDK to simplify listings.

How It Works​

The potential end uses are infinite, yet the process couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is use Entrupy Brij to take photos of the object, then Entrupy’s patented technology goes to work, detecting and recording the minute characteristics that make that specific object different from all others and creating an immutable, verifiable link to an NFT on the blockchain.
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Capture the image of the product that you would like to Mint NFT using Entrupy Brij

The minute details that make that item unique are recorded and associated with a permanent, immutable identification code.

Once you submit the images, Entrupy Brij auto generates a unique code and mints the NFT automatically.

The minted NFT gets added to your wallet for usage across different platforms for listing for sale, verification of authenticity, display of provenance.

You can use Entrupy Brij to verify the authenticity of the NFT by taking an image of the product again and tapping Verify.

Apply to Join the Entrupy Brij Beta Program

Leveraging the patented Entrupy technologies powering Entrupy’s product identification and verification solutions, Entrupy Brij was developed to be an open solution to help bridge the digital and physical divides. And having already built one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams working with imaging and AI today, the company intends to keep it open and evolving. Through partnerships, integrations and other collaborations, Entriupy Brij is poised to be a de facto standard across relevant blockchain ecosystems, wallets, marketplaces, manufacturers and beyond. 

Entrupy is inviting NFT enthusiasts and a community of digital goods sellers to join the Entrupy Brij beta program. The full launch of the Entrupy Brij solution is expected in later half of 2022.

Click on the below button to submit an application form to join the Entrupy Brij Beta Program, and our team will get in touch with you.

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Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business. If you have questions, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you shortly.