As a business, we know that your reputation is everything. 

So we've built the world's only on-demand authentication solution.

  • Quick to start: simply pay the set-up fee and install the app on your phone
  • Affordable: With monthly or annual options, Entrupy works with your business
  • On-Demand: Easily authenticate anytime, anywhere with our device and mobile app
  • Trust: Entrupy allows businesses to easily verify authenticity for their customers

How It Works

1. Place the device directly on the item

2. Open the Entrupy app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS)

3. Follow the onscreen prompts in the app to take images

4. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze the images to determine authenticity

5. Receive results in real-time


The Science Behind It

Entrupy was created by a team with 8 Degrees (including 2 Ph.Ds), decades of work experience, 4 patents, and thousands of hours of research and testing. 

We have built complex detection algorithms into Entrupy, that allow us to analyze various materials ranging from canvas and leather to metal and wood.

  • The Entrupy device takes microscopic photographs of different areas of an item and runs them through a computer that uses proprietary algorithms
  • Authentication accuracy of over 96.4% and is steadily increasing

Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business.

Brands We Authenticate

NOTE: Entrupy is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. Entrupy’s authentication service is based solely on Entrupy’s detection algorithm, and the database relied upon is not based upon data provided by any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. The designers listed on the Entrupy website or application are neither responsible for nor bound by any of Entrupy’s findings and may not honor any certificates of authenticity provided by Entrupy.

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