Entrupy releases State of the Fake Report

With findings based on data from over $50 million dollars worth of merchandise authenticated in 2018 reveal insights and trends across markets worldwide.

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Entrupy releases first ever State of the Fake report on counterfeit handbags
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How Entrupy Works

  1. Place the device directly on the item
  2. Open the Entrupy app on your Entrupy configured iPod
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts in the app to take images
  4. Our AI algorithms analyze the images to determine authenticity
  5. Receive results in real-time

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Why Choose Entrupy

As a business, we know that your reputation is everything,
so we've built the world's only on-demand authentication solution.

  • Quick to start

    Simply pay the set-up fee, receive the device and Entrupy Configured iPod then start authenticating

  • Affordable

    We have several monthly and yearly subscription plans to fit your business authentication needs

  • On-demand

    Authenticate on the go, anywhere, anytime where WiFi is available

  • Trust

    Each authentication certificate produced is backed by the Entrupy Financial Guarantee

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Powered By Artificial Intelligence

We have built complex detection algorithms into Entrupy, that allow us to analyze various materials ranging from canvas and leather to metal and wood.

  • Backed by AI and Machine Learning
  • Rapidly growing repository of millions of microscopic surface images
  • Over 100,000 authentic and fake items collected from diverse sources around the world
  • Built-in network effect for accuracy: More authentications = More data = Better accuracy

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Brands We Authenticate

We've focused on the top luxury brands you see on a day to day basis with new ones launching soon

Case Studies


Case Study #1 – SF Gold Buyer

Case Study #2 – Marque Luxury

Case Study #3 – Max Pawn

Entrupy In The Media

Note: Entrupy is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. Entrupy’s authentication service is based solely on Entrupy’s detection algorithm, and the database relied upon is not based upon data provided by any of the designers listed on the Entrupy website. The designers listed on the Entrupy website or application are neither responsible for nor bound by any of Entrupy’s findings and may not honor any certificates of authenticity provided by Entrupy.