How To Verify An Entrupy Authentication Certificate

How To Verify An Entrupy Authentication Certificate

Shopping for handbags online or at your local pawn or consignment store, you’ve probably come across an Entrupy authentication certificate accompanying that Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag. That’s your guarantee that the item has been authenticated by Entrupy but if you have questions as to the validity of the certificate, you can now check easily from the Entrupy website.


How to authenticate an Entrupy authentication certificate

First click on the Check Certificate button on the home page then you input the unique ID in the Certificate Link field under Search Certificate (shown above) then click search. A new window will open up and produce the results of your search. If it’s a handbag or small accessories that we have authenticated, it will be produced and if we did not authenticate an item, it will not show up.

If you have questions about a certificate, please contact us here.

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