Instantly detect fraud at the point of product return

Entrupy Fingerprinting provides a non-intrusive product identification solution that enables the instant detection of suspicious return fraud - powered by Entrupy’s computer vision and microscopy-based platform.
Armed with Entrupy Fingerprinting, retailers can effectively manage return policies and overcome a reliance on human expertise, static knowledge and traditional tagging solutions - which are prone to exploitation by bad actors.

Solving Retail Fraud Problems

Entrupy Fingerprinting addresses the following use cases

Customer buys the product for an occasion and uses it and returns it to the retailer after the usage and claims refund. Associate may not have time to verify it.

Counterfeit Returns

Customer buys an expensive product and replaces it with a super fake product and claims refund. There's no automatic mechanism to check super fakes.

Product Swaps

Customer buys a product & uses it for few months & buys the exact product again & returns the recently purchased item but swaps the product with the old one.

How Entrupy Fingerprinting Works

The Fingerprinting process is simple and takes just a few seconds
Register Products at Point of Deployment

Register each product with a single microscopic image that is associated with a unique ID

Registration just takes 3-5 seconds.

Match Fingerprints at Point of Return

Verify the product return against a registered image prior to confirming acceptance

Product verified as matching or non matching instantly with near 100% accuracy

Benefits for Your Returns Process

Loss Prevention

Protects against different kinds of returns fraud

Instant Decision Making

Enables instant product verification at point of receipt for customer returns

Empowered Staff

Fingerprinting helps to overcome limited staff expertise

Plug and Play

Offers low touch implementation and hence a quick roll out

Simple, Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use thus doesn't require heavy training

Protects Reputation

Protects reputation risks and ensures superior customer experience

Fingerprinting Product Categories

Entrupy Fingerprinting has been applied across diverse product categories, industries and use cases
Handbags & Accessories
Watches & Jewelry
Wine & Spirits

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