Entrupy Hardware Replacement Fees (Sneaker Authentication)

Entrupy Hardware Replacement Fees (Sneaker Authentication)

Lease of Entrupy Hardware

You understand that any Hardware provided to you by Entrupy is being temporarily leased to you and that Entrupy retains all ownership rights in and to the Hardware. You should at all times maintain the Hardware in good operating condition and repair, normal wear and tear excepted and you should keep the Hardware in your sole possession and control at all times, unless otherwise agreed upon by Entrupy in writing. All risk of loss for any Hardware (including any replacement Hardware) shall pass to you upon Entrupy’s delivery of the Hardware to the applicable carrier or delivery service.

Defective Hardware

In the event that you are unable to access or use the Software as a result of defective Hardware, please notify Entrupy via email at support@entrupy.com. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, Entrupy may repair or ship replacement Hardware after receipt of the defective Hardware from you. If you have met your responsibility to maintain the Hardware in Good Condition, then the replacement will be at no cost to you; otherwise, you will pay Entrupy the applicable fees and costs for repairing or replacing the Hardware as described in the Hardware Replacement Fees for Sneaker Authentication schedule below. By way of example and not limitation, damage caused by exposure to extreme conditions (heat, moisture) or improper handling (drops, impact) will be considered damage for which you are responsible.

Hardware Replacement Fees Schedule

The following fees will be charged for the replacement of Entrupy Hardware:

Hardware Damage Type

Hardware Replace Fees (USD)*

Entrupy Lightbox Device +10 iOS Devices


Entrupy Lightbox


Apple iOS Device


Light Bar


Power Unit


USB Charging Hub


Label Scanner


*Hardware replacement fees include domestic shipping in the U.S. and Japan; additional international shipping charges may apply.