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Entrupy Case Study #3 – Max Pawn

We had a 10 step process but instead of believing us, we now have official proof that an item is authentic with Entrupy

Max Pawn

Founded on the principles of honesty, good value, and great customer service, Max Pawn is a fourth generation pawn broker located near the Las Vegas strip that specializes in luxury goods including handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Before utilizing the Entrupy verification system the employees at Max Pawn would go through a ten-step process to verify the authenticity of luxury items received as collateral towards a loan and/or sold by the retailer. As you can imagine, the process was extremely time consuming and caused unnecessary stress on team members tasked with completing the delicate process.

Built on a reputation for providing exceptional customer service & high-quality products, once Max Pawn learned of the Entrupy On-Demand Authentication Solution they knew they had to learn more!

While we felt confident in our ability to authenticate items using our ten-step verification process, we would still find ourselves nervous and unsure when taking in extremely high-end bags such as Hermes Birkin.

Now they can let their customers know with confidence that they utilize the most powerful authenticity platform in the world to verify the quality of each bag purchased and/or sold through one of our many retail outlets.

Entrupy has also been an excellent sales tool that allows them to showcase throughout the front end of the store. Customers are able to see how their bag is being treated and are able to understand our authentication method.