Behind The Scenes: Entrupy Data Collection

Behind The Scenes: Entrupy Data Collection

The Entrupy database currently contains upwards of 15 million unique images of authentic and counterfeit inventory sourced from diverse global sources. This is what we use to train our machine learning algorithms. This robust and proprietary repository of data continues to grow in real time with every verification performed and enables the pinpoint accuracy, speed, and objectivity that sets our authentication service apart from all the rest. 

Have you ever wondered how we collect this data, from both authentic and counterfeit items?

When Entrupy was first starting out, our team partnered with the most trustworthy and prominent businesses in retail and resale markets to source data from authentic items, which would be integrated into our algorithms. We sourced data from businesses worldwide to ensure we had a rich, diverse and complete picture of products across multiple categories, vintages, styles and brands. We have data points from over 80 years ago all the way up to recent months, which is how we can use our technology to authenticate such a wide range of products and those produced well before our time. 

Fast forward to present day, and we still have these data partnerships in place. Through both the maintenance of these partnerships and the crowdsourced data we collect from customers through Entrupy’s day to day authentication operations, we are able to keep up with the newest releases from brands. Together, this allows us to deliver the most up to date brand support services for Entrupy Verified Businesses. 

But what about counterfeit data? This is where the story gets a bit more spicy.. 

Our data teams have scoured the internet for the highest quality data on fakes. The arrival of dupes, often sent in sketchy packaging due to the illicit nature of selling the goods, tends to draw a curious crowd around the office. Our sneaker team recalls a shipment arriving with only one shoe. We still wonder what happened to the other one. Perhaps it’s with all our missing socks. 

On another memorable occasion,  we mysteriously received stuffed animals. Soon we realized that it was part of a counterfeit watch shipment. Sadly, we had to tear the poor toys up to secure the time pieces. 

We also accept donated counterfeit goods from our partners. We love when we receive these shipments, because we know we’re getting the fakes out of circulation AND we’re  strengthening our algorithms. One of our partners, a renowned chain of thrift stores, regularly donates counterfeit goods from various product categories. Do you have goods to donate? Contact our team today for more information.

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