Thanks to Fashion Week the Demand for Designer Resale is on the Rise

Thanks to Fashion Week the Demand for Designer Resale is on the Rise

Fashion Week is underway and all eyes will be on the runways of New York. With every mainstream media outlet covering this iconic week, even more potential buyers will be viewing the latest in handbags from designers like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more.

As incredible as they are, most of the new bags that will be walking down the runway will be out of reach for the average consumer and since buying second hand is the next best thing, you can expect to see a rise in counterfeits flooding the market.

To capitalize on the Fashion Week press, make sure you’re putting your best bags forward with a handbag focused social media campaign backed up by an Entrupy Certificate of authenticity.

Shoot clean, well-lit photos of the bags you have in stock and schedule them to publish when those same designers take the stage. You can get a full schedule here:

Use these trending topics to join the conversation talking not only about the luxury bags you have but about the brand new styles that will one day be resold in your stores. Showing your customers that you have the knowledge and the interest will go a long way to ensuring them that you not only have your pulse on the latest fashion, but have built trust in partnering with Entrupy to ensure that all of the bags you sell are guaranteed 100% authentic.

When you add an Entrupy certificate of authenticity to the bag, you’re not only upping the level of trust, you’re also protecting your own reputation.

After The Show Is Over

New buyers aren’t the only business you’ll likely gain thanks to Fashion Week. You’ll also see an influx of new sellers as well.

Women who enjoy owning the very latest from the runway, will be cleaning out their closets, letting go of handbags from season’s past. Chanel’s designs may be timeless but a true fashionista can tell a 2019 purse from a 2015 with just a glance.

Determining whether or not that Caviar Quilted Jumbo Single Flap bag is the real thing isn’t as easy; though many think it is. You might easily spot a sloppy knockoff, but the experienced counterfeiter knows what you’re looking for and they give it to you. What looks like the right hardware, the right stitching and the right label could be a carefully crafted fake.

The only truly reliable way to authenticate a luxury handbag is at the microscopic level with an AI powered app like Entrupy.

And you can be sure that as designers send brand new materials, shapes and sizes down the runway, our system will keep on learning so you don’t have to.

Fashion Week is the perfect time to move the handbags you have in inventory and refill your shelves with trendy, newer bags from all the top designers.

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