Streetwear Collabs Keep Blowing Up

Streetwear Collabs Keep Blowing Up

Luxury brands have also been able to reach a younger, more diverse audience through these collaborations, as streetwear has become a staple among younger generations. These collaborations also showcase the evolution of luxury fashion and the increasing influence of streetwear on high-end fashion.

With the growing popularity of streetwear, the trend of collaborations has extended to include the dynamic intersection of luxury brands and streetwear labels. In 2017, the Entrupy-supported collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme shook the fashion world and resulted in a 23% increase in LVMH profits that year. The following year, streetwear brand Palace unexpectedly partnered with Ralph Lauren for a highly successful drop that featured polo shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, all adorned with Palace’s signature logos and Ralph Lauren’s iconic polo player.

Latest high-n-low brand collaborations indulging in streetwear

The winning Nike strategy

Nike is a leader in the collaboration trend and has achieved great success in limited edition drops. By creating scarcity and driving demand among fans, Nike has created a sense of excitement and urgency, often leading to higher prices on the resale market. One of Nike’s most notable collaborations is with Off-White, which established the streetwear brand as a major player in the industry. The Nike x Off-White collaboration, known as “The Ten” collection, featured ten of Nike’s iconic sneakers reimagined by the late Virgil Abloh.

Another successful Nike partnership is with Travis Scott, which began with the 2019 “Cactus Jack” sneaker drop. The iconic brown and white sneaker with a backwards Nike swoosh on the side sold out almost immediately and has since become highly coveted by sneaker collectors and Travis Scott fans. The latest Travis Scott and Nike collaboration is set to debut this spring.

As a leader in the collaboration trend, Nike has been able to stay at the forefront of the streetwear industry by partnering with some of the most influential brands and artists. Nike’s successful collaborations showcase the power of limited edition drops and the influence of streetwear on high-end fashion.

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