On The Pulse: Trending Bags from New York Fashion Week

On The Pulse: Trending Bags from New York Fashion Week

As we close out September, we’d be remiss not to mention New York Fashion Week. But sometimes the style is as much on the street as it is on the runway, so we decided to take a look at the must-have and most-seen handbags spotted on the streets of New York and around the venues hosting the Spring-Summer 2023 collections. Of course, all of these styles are supported by Entrupy Luxury Authentication, and we thank our partner LePrix for providing the estimated resale values. 


Bottega Veneta cassette chain embellished padded intrecciato leather shoulder bag

Heralded as the “it” bag upon release in 2019, Bottega Veneta’s padded Cassette bag remains as popular as ever. Versatile and big enough for the essentials, the style is quickly reaching “timeless classic” status.    


Gucci Jackie 1961 hobo leather mini

Thought to be the first hobo bag, the Gucci Jackie has been an in-demand style for over 50 years. While much younger than its larger cousin, the mini version possesses a mix of timeless and trendiness that has kept it popular since its debut in 2020. 


Prada Cleo

Seen on the arms of influencers, celebrities and even fictional characters (We’re looking at you, Emily in Paris), Prada’s “Cleo” is another style that seems destined to be with us for the long haul. Have less to haul? Then the mini version might be for you. 


Dior Saddle Bag Y2K

Where the Cleo leans toward 90s style, the Dior Saddle Bag is growing in popularity as part of the Y2K trend. A uniquely-shaped bag created by John Galliano in 1999, and first released in 1999, the bag was reissued in a slightly larger form in order to better fit today’s ever-present mobile devices. 


Bottega Veneta Black Intrecciato Leather Maxi Jodie Bag

Like an overnight success that was 50 years in the making, Bottega Veneta wasn’t a wildly popular brand for the younger generation until the launch of this now-classic style in 2020. First available as a maxi, the Jodie (allegedly named after actor Jodie Foster) now comes in a variety of styles and colors. 


Chanel coco top handle bag

Once criticized for its resemblance to the Hermès Kelly, the Chanel Coco now has a solid identity (and fan base) of its own. And after price hikes at retail, pre-loved versions are hitting their all time high resale values. 

YSL soft leather hobo shoulder bag (simple silhouette seen in “it” girls)

Riding the Y2K wave, YSL’s hobo bag is another previously-trending style that’s making a comeback. While ‘Le 5 à 7’ (named after French happy hour times) has the typical hobo shape, it’s more structured in form (and less casual in appearance) than many of its counterparts. 


Mini Kelly Sellier 20 

Among the most difficult Hermes items to get your hands on, the Hermes Mini Kelly 20 often fetches up to 3 times the original retail at resale. That might quite possibly make it the investment bag to beat all investment bags.


Louis Vuitton Nano Noe 

A reimagining of a design originally intended to carry champagne bottles, the Noe, much like the Luggage Tote, now comes in an array of styles. While the Nano is definitely more “nano” than the Celine, its spacious bucket shape fits much more than you’d think. 

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