Entrupy Partners With Consign Cloud

Entrupy Partners With Consign Cloud

For both resale and retail businesses, a successful software is determined by its user-friendliness, workflow flexibility, and exceptional customer service.

Hello! We are ConsignCloud now in collaboration with Entrupy, the leader in luxury and sneaker authentication.

At its core, ConsignCloud thrives on simplicity and adaptability. ConsignCloud was designed by someone who not only understands software but was disappointed with the options available for his own shop. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you run a snug boutique or a consignment empire with multiple online sites, our platform seamlessly integrates with your distinct workflow and channels like Shopify and Square. But we don’t just provide the software. Like Entrupy, we are a committed business partner— offering easy contact, prompt responses, and direct access to our software developers. Because your success is our success. And if you have a software suggestion, we’ll try our best to make a solution for your needs.

Entrupy is dedicated to the conviction that your time is valuable, and we share that belief. We understand the crucial role of seamless inventory management. That’s why ConsignCloud offers features tailored to simplify that very thing— streamlining inventory processes, optimizing categorization, and ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for your in-store resale experts.

Entrupy’s got you covered, ensuring your store is stocked with the right products. And we ensure that these items are securely and reliably entered, tracked, and sold. If you need an upgrade, sign up for a free two-week trial (no credit card required) or a demo of our software.

Hear what a few of our customers have to say:

     “This is a fantastic product. And the team is absolutely incredible. They are extremely helpful. I can’t recommend highly enough for all of their services.” -Ayaz I.

     “This was the first software that was actually easy to set up.” -Lori C.

     “ConsignCloud has the most user-friendly consignment software. The price point is right where it should be for this service and actually saves me so much time and energy each month. My favourite feature is the daily emails sent out to consignors when their items sell.” -Michelle H.

Grace V. Warner
Customer Care and Leads

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