Entrupy is proud to announce a partnership with Upright Labs to enhance online listings for Goodwill clients

Entrupy is proud to announce a partnership with Upright Labs to enhance online listings for Goodwill clients

Washington, DC – With Upright, secondhand retailers such as Goodwill can decrease their listing time by 90% per listing and with Entrupy they can utilize a scientifically-proven authentication solution that is backed by a financial guarantee – ensuring complete procurement protection and trust with their customers. This integration and strategic partnership is the perfect match for clients.

This integration will allow Upright Labs to provide accurate and instantaneous validation of products that second-hand retail clients such as Goodwill seek to list online. This integration connects the Upright Lister software, a multichannel listing and inventory management software designed to help second hand retailers thrive as they grow into the e-commerce industry with Entrupy’s authentication solution, which utilizes machine learning algorithms and computer-vision technology to verify the authenticity of items. These authentications will be available on to list on eBay, Shopgoodwill, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify. Each verified item receives an Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity and financial guarantee, enabling shoppers to trust their transactions and retailers to drive greater returns from purchases.

It is extremely important to ensure listings are accurate and authenticated. If something is listed online that is inaccurate, it can potentially harm the client’s customer reviews, reputation, and even worse a removal from the listing platform. This partnership alleviates these concerns for authenticated and high value items.

“Upright Labs is excited to expand our software by partnering and integrating with Entrupy,” said Upright Labs chief technology officer and co-founder, Jackson Geller. “ Customer service and with a focus on value-added features within Upright Lister are very important to us as a company. We are consistently finding ways to expedite and improve processes for our customers. Our partnership with Entrupy does exactly this. We now are able to provide clients with the ability to seamlessly authenticate products within our software at the time of listing by partnering with Entrupy. This will lessen the time to list items and the process to authenticate and list items will no longer be disjointed.”

For Entrupy, this integration enhances the utility of being able to authenticate, list, and manage items across teams and departments. “Entrupy has always been about adding trust in transactions in the quickest and most consistent way possible. Partnering with Upright Labs enables our communities to benefit from the efficiency as well as the enhanced trust that our services jointly provide,” stated Entrupy’s Chief Executive Officer, Vidyuth Srinivasan. 

About Upright Labs

Upright Labs is the go-to trusted advisor and offers the leading multi-channel inventory management software within the secondhand retail market. Our products and services are the selection of choice when an organization is seeking operational efficiency and the ability to drive revenue to the bottom line. This year we will help process over 50 million dollars in gross revenue with Upright Lister, our cloud-based multichannel listing tool, while scaling e-commerce operations by optimizing and implementing over half a million square feet of e-commerce operations via Upright Services. We welcome you to experience the value by partnering with Upright Labs, a customer-focused and transformative software and service provider.   

About Entrupy

Entrupy is a hardware-enabled SaaS company that uses computer vision algorithms and microscopy to bring trust to transactions of high-value physical goods. Currently in use by hundreds of secondary resellers and marketplaces worldwide, Entrupy provides the only scalable technology capable of authenticating luxury products from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès, among others. The service launched in 2016, following four years of research led by Ashlesh Sharma, Vidyuth Srinivasan and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Professor at New York University. 

The company’s ever-growing database includes millions of data points from real and fake goods for 100 years of styles from 15 of the top brands including Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Coach, Dior, Fendi, Goyard, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada and YSL/Saint Laurent. With the Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity, shoppers can feel confident about their transaction and verify their item online at entrupy.com.

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