Consumer Education Against Counterfeiting Month

Consumer Education Against Counterfeiting Month

National Counterfeit Awareness Month: Shedding Light on the Growing Counterfeit Problem

Learn about National Counterfeit Awareness Month and the escalating issue of counterfeiting worldwide. Discover the impact of counterfeit trade, the need for awareness, and efforts to combat this lucrative crime.

July is recognized as National Counterfeit Awareness Month, an official designation granted by the U.S. Senate in 2016. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of illicit trade and reduce the demand for counterfeit goods. By addressing the financial incentives behind counterfeiting, we can work towards eradicating the production and sale of fake items.

The Escalating Counterfeit Problem:

Despite ongoing efforts, the global counterfeit problem continues to worsen. Although comprehensive data on international counterfeit seizures in 2021 is not yet available, counterfeit trade statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) and expert insights indicate a concerning trend.

Upcoming "State of the Fake" Report:

In our forthcoming “State of the Fake” report, we will delve deeper into the proliferation of counterfeits worldwide. We will explore the factors that have contributed to the market’s growth and examine recent stories from global customs enforcement agencies. Additionally, advancements in intellectual property protection measures across different regions will be reviewed.

The Impact of Counterfeiting:

Counterfeiting is far from a victimless crime. It poses a significant and often invisible threat to humanity. As long as counterfeiters can reap substantial profits, these funds may be funneled into other organized crime and even terrorist activities. Therefore, it is crucial for industries affected by counterfeits to educate the public and discourage participation in the illicit economy. By fostering open dialogue, we can bring attention to this issue and strive for a better, safer, and more ethical society.

National Counterfeit Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the pressing need to combat the growing counterfeit problem. By raising awareness, exposing the dark realities of counterfeiting, and engaging in proactive measures, we can collectively work towards a society free from the perils of counterfeit goods. Join us in our mission to create a better future by shedding light on the detrimental impact of counterfeits and fostering a culture that values authenticity and integrity.

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