Authentication Support For Celine Handbags Launched

Authentication Support For Celine Handbags Launched

Celine does not have an e-commerce presence so unless you’re close to one of their retail locations, your only other option is via a designer resale company. When you’re ready to spend upwards of $3,000 on a handbag (yes, even resale), you must make sure that what you’re buying is indeed authentic.



Unfortunately, there are fake Céline handbags on several resale websites and marketplaces and unless you are extremely familiar with the brand and style, you want to make sure that bag you have your eye on is backed with a money back guarantee that it’s authentic.

We have been systematic in the brands that we have launched authentication support for starting with Louis Vuitton and Chanel as they are the two biggest designers that have the highest replication rate.

With the resounding popularity of the Luggage and Phantom totes, Céline authentication is even more challenging because of the quality of counterfeits. This is why we have prioritized it over other brands.

Our goal here at Entrupy is to instill trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business that buys and sells luxury goods.

Fun Fact:

American fashion designer Michael Kors was named the first ever women’s ready-to-wear designer and creative director for Céline in 1997. During his tenure at Céline, Kors brought modern femininity with a luxurious spirit. In 2004, he left the fashion luxury house to focus his career on his own brand.

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