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Entrupy Case Study #6 – LBC Boutique

Fuelling Better Business with Trust and Confidence

LBC Boutique

When Michael Bayles opened LBC Boutique and Loan in Boston, he did a lot of trade in products like costume jewelry, DVDs and records. While the occasional Rolex may have made its way into the store, the bulk sales were low margin. Needing to do high-volume turn over is challenging for any business, but after run-ins with one too many customers unhappy with their $1 purchase, he decided it was time to uplevel his merchandise mix.

Bayles began accepting more luxury accessories, and while he and his team would perform extensive visual checks of stitching, hardware and other areas of the items, it was getting harder and harder to differentiate the real from the fake,k.

“I started getting burnt on these fake bags. It was getting really risky. So what I would do is I wouldn’t buy bags and that would just be arrogant and just assume everything was fake.”

Eliminating Guesswork-driven Risk 

Acknowledging this was bad for business but understanding authentication was not his particular area of expertise, he found a solution to both problems: Entrupy Luxury Authentication. 

Bayles appreciates that using Entrupy gives him a “carefree” process and the ability to buy or loan on luxury products at any time. Perhaps even more so, he values the fact that Entrupy backs each certification with a money back guarantee. 

I’ve never had a business do something like that ever.”

Now, Bayles requires every applicable item that comes into the store to be verified with Entrupy – regardless of subjective criteria including the seller’s history of bringing in authentic merchandise. He believes the extra confidence conveyed with the Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity helps him sell items for higher prices, especially for online sales, as sees it as an asset that brings significant benefit to his customers and the entire community of pawn shops and other resellers. 

Entrupy’s Benefits for LBC Boutique Include: 

  • Fills in gaps in expertise 
  • Enables expansion into high-value, high-margin items
  • Offers added value that results in higher sale prices, online and off

“Entrupy is an asset to the community.”