2023 Year In Review

2023 Year In Review

As we explore the highlights that defined 2023, first, we want to thank you for being part of it with us. Our industry can’t innovate, grow—or change the way the world shops—without you.

Authenticity has always been the beating heart of our brand, and as we look back on 2023, it’s fitting that Merriam-Webster chose ‘authentic’ as the word of the year.

Reflect with us on a year where authenticity wasn’t just a word – it was the driving force behind every achievement, partnership, and breakthrough.

The Highlights

The TikTok Authenticators

As LIVE shopping becomes a global phenomenon, TikTok needed a partner to underline trust in their platform. Entrupy was named the official authentication partner for TikTok Shop this summer. If you’re shopping on the app, all you have to do is look for the Entrupy certificate!

The Glow Up

The Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity 2.0 made a significant leap in ensuring the legitimacy & value of sneakers and handbags—with fortified security protections, newly implemented QR codes, and Apple Wallet compatibility.

The Sneakers

For us, 2023 was the year of the sneaker as we celebrated the launch of our Sneaker App last spring! The talk of the launch? The Entrupy Sneaker Lightbox, which allows instantaneous photo capture for streamlined authentication at scale.

The Instant Retake

The Entrupy Retake feature went live in the Entrupy Plus App, making it easier than ever to retake photos and process authentications. This feature has become a vital efficiency tool for our busiest customers and partners.

State of the Fake

With customers spanning 81 countries and counting, Entrupy’s global reach continues to expand as our data gets smarter! Dive into the analytics with our State of the Fake report & learn how to protect and grow your brand in 2024.

Entrupy authenticated $1.4 billion worth of inventory in 2023, a 27% increase from 2022.

– $1.2 billion worth of inventory was certified as Authentic and $118 million was marked Unidentified.

– The United States is our highest volume geography, contributing to 42% of all authentications.

Entrupy Around
The World

We got the chance to connect with some of our sneaker & luxury customers at events across the globe this year—meeting new sellers, collectors, and aficionados every step of the way. We were even selected to showcase our solution at Burberry HQ in London for Capgemini Innovation Day.

In December we sponsored Got Sole Chicago and oversaw the authentication of hundreds of pairs of sneakers during the one-day show, with 11% of all pairs authenticated as unidentified!

In the News

“AI is only ever as good as the information fed to its algorithm, so the company [Entrupy] works with data scientists, engineers and research experts who feed information to the technology in real-time to support the process.” – Forbes

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