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Secure inventory, protect supply chains and add trust to transactions at retail and resale

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Entrupy’s product authentication solutions protect businesses, buyers and sellers from inadvertently transacting in counterfeit and fraudulent items.
Entrupy certifies the authenticity of luxury products using an objective, scientifically-proven approach that better protects buyers and sellers of frequently-counterfeited, high-value items.

Building on its luxury roots, Entrupy created a separate solution to address the
world of “sneakerheads” and the need for more trust and security in this fast-growing, high-stakes resale trade.


Entrupy’s Fingerprinting solutions for product identification make any item traceable, bringing new levels of protection to any point in the supply chain.
Easily implemented at the point of sale or shipping, Entrupy Fingerprinting is a customer-friendly and accurate way to ensure the product returned is the same as the product sold.
Applicable to any component at any stage from manufacturing to distribution and beyond, Entrupy Fingerprinting is a simple-yet-powerful way to safeguard the supply chain from intrusion of fraudulent items.

Entrupy supports businesses for whom trust is mission-critical



Assure the authenticity of luxury inventory to sell faster at optimal prices

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Leave no doubt your kicks are legit

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Grow your business by accepting high-value soft goods with complete confidence

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Build customer trust by detecting fraudulent items at scale and preventing their sale on your platform

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Protect your reputation by safeguarding high-value inventory and eliminating return fraud risk

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Protect your reputation, tighten quality control measures and secure your global supply chain against intrusion of unauthorized, fraudulent and potentially dangerous parts

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Why Entrupy

Entrupy builds scalable solutions for verifying products using artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to secure inventory and protect supply chains while adding trust to transactions at retail and resale.

Entrupy develops patented, proprietary solutions that address the needs of businesses, governments and other organizations for whom maintaining trust is mission-critical.

  • Entrupy’s solutions are focused around authenticity and traceability.
  • These are carefully crafted with multiple years of research. With deployments around the globe, the solutions have been battle hardened.
  • Near-100% accuracy rate with added protection against potential financial losses 
  • Infinitely more secure and scalable than manual solutions
  • Founded and led by a highly-credentialed team including two PhDs
  • Created after four years of extensive research and development in conjunction with New York University
  • User-friendly application can be used with little training
  • Vision-based approach requires no product modifications
  • Plug-and-play deployment for 1 location or 1000 
  • Secured over $1B customer inventory (as of January 2022)
  • Used by thousands of businesses large and small including brands, retailers, governments, online marketplaces and resellers

What Our Customers Say

Over the years, shopgoodwill.com has benefited from our local community’s generous donations of high-end items. At the same time, we’ve witnessed ‘Caveat Emptor’ first hand, and that skepticism keeps us from maximizing the full value of that generosity. With the Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity, shoppers can feel confident about their transaction and great about themselves, because their purchase benefits the Goodwill mission to change lives through the power of work..
Ryan Smith, Senior Director of Online Operations ShopGoodwill.com (Goodwill e-commerce platform)
Partnering with Entrupy gives the Dubai DED a powerful, reliable and scalable method of protecting our economy from the scourge of counterfeit products. With Entrupy’s authentication technology, our inspectors now have the ability to instantly detect fraudulent products and ensure they never reach local markets or the general public. This will help us to continue reinforcing trust in our economy.
Mohammad Ali Lootah, CEO Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Sector Dubai Department of Economic Development
We are really strict about authentication. We encourage our stores, the retailers that we work with of all sizes to include a Certificate of Authenticity. It can really help close a sale and it can be really helpful with the actual sales price of an item. Having that Certificate of Authenticity come with a bag is another seal of approval.
Emily Erkel, CMO and Co-Founder of LePrix
Entrupy give us as retailers the peace-of-mind that we are buying only authentic items for resale. Our reputation is everything when it comes to selling only authentic product, and Entrupy allows us to confidently stand behind these items.
Angie Welsh, Style Encore & Plato’s Closet Maple Grove
Before Entrupy, we were relying primarily on experienced staff who were trained to identify the hallmarks of a brand. We would also take the integrity of the consignor into consideration as many of our top consignors consistently bring us high end things, many of which have brand authentication cards, receipts, etc. However, in the age of superfakes, that is no longer enough.
May Doherty, Owner Chic Consignment (Massachusetts-based luxury consignment business)
The introduction of Entrupy has allowed us to have confidence in the product we hold in our supply chain and ensure that we continue to offer an excellent customer experience.
Head of Store Operations, A Leading High-End Retailer in Europe
Entrupy is an invaluable tool as we and clients can buy, sell, loan, and trade with confidence. We loved the idea of artificial intelligence backing up our claim that an item was real, so as soon as we saw the device, we knew it was going to be worth having in our store. I am not sure what year it was, but it may have been 2016?
Beth Anundi Co-owner, Capital Pawn & Couture
Since my business, Upscale Alley, deals only in high end designer handbags and accessories, you have clearly saved me at least $20,000 this year alone in replica handbags,. Thank you Entrupy, you’re the best! I can sleep well at night knowing that my clients will always have your certificate guaranteeing authenticity.
Carol Weiss, Owner Upscale Alley, Lake Worth Florida
The device is a game changer! It is easy to use, the customer service is beyond awesome and our customers love knowing our products are backed by a financial guarantee. Did we mention the time savings? This is an investment that you won’t regret!
New Digz Consignment
Hello! I manage the Diamond Banc in KC MO. We just started our subscription with Entrupy this Jan and we all love it. I saw you in pawn forum group and wanted to share with you, had my first replica LV. Your awesome company saved me $500!! Thank you!
Sicily Von Overfelt, Manager of Diamond Banc in Kansas City, MO
Entrupy is an “invaluable tool” for my business that “removes the layer of doubt in the minds of customers and helps propel conversions”.
Julie Yoo Owner, I Miss You Vintage
I know that we have been selling our bags for a lot more money because of the certificate!
Brett Bartschi, VP of Donated Goods Goodwill South Florida

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