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LVMH Entrupy



After hearing about Entrupy, in June, LVMH (Louis Vuitton’s parent company) invited the team to showcase the Entrupy solution at their largest sponsored event, Viva Technology 2016. No other authentication agency or “expert” has ever had this opportunity.

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WhoWhatWear Mentions Entrupy




"There is also an exciting new service called Entrupy that is bringing some excitement to the authenticating discussion. It is the first and only authenticating tool that many stores are now using that has a 98% success rate. I recommend stores that use this device, along with in-house authenticators for peace of mind. This device is changing the game for consignment stores."

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"His pride and joy, though, is an Entrupy purse scanner, which authenticates designer handbags like Prada and Chanel and weeds out the fakes right on the spot with the help of a simple app. The handheld device is placed directly on the purse and magnifies up to 350,000 times the numerous images sent through the app, such as the stitching and the logo. Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze the images to determine the authenticity in real time, usually in 15 or 20 minutes, according to the Entrupy website."

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Entrupy Article On CNBC

Closet Full Of Cash

When you find a technology that is changing the world, you just have to be a part of it, even if they don’t need you! This is exactly what I did with Entrupy. After learning about the company and what they were doing to change the handbag authentication process, I was in love!

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Counterfeits are a painful thorn in the side of luxury fashion brands but they can be even more of a headache for digital re-sellers.

Consumers on the hunt for high-end clothing at a cheap price often seek out well-preserved second-hand pieces online but hunting for legitimate goods in the global $460 billion counterfeit industry — according to OECD data — is no easy task.....

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The secondary luxury market is booming, so it was only a matter of time before product authentication got the start-up treatment.

Enter Entrupy, a New York-based company launched last year that uses microscopic imaging and artificial intelligence technology to authenticate luxury products, which has landed $2.6 million in its first significant round of funding.

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