Entrupy for Pawnshops

With Entrupy, pawnshops benefit from having a world class authentication solution at their fingertips

Common problems for pawnshops

Counterfeit luxury

High circulation of counterfeit products in the luxury market mandates authentication, a primary requirement

Limited Expertise

Have limited authentication expertise & are not comfortable accepting luxury inventory, resulting in lost opportunities

Lack of Diversity in Collaterals

Pawnshops are traditionally focused on precious metals, jewellery, guns and have ignored other forms of luxury

Ways we can help

Reduced Risk

Every certificate issued for items authenticated by Entrupy is backed by financial guarantee thus reducing your risk.

Reduced Reliance on Key Staff

Anyone can authenticate using Entrupy with a minimal training. With over 15 brands, we got you covered!

Attract New Customers

By adding luxury handbags as collaterals, you can attract female and/or younger demographics as your new clients.

New Revenue Stream

You can buy and sell variety of items with confidence. You can offer authentication as a service to your customers & generate additional revenue.

Learn more about Entrupy’s luxury authentication.

You're in good company...

Entrupy is an invaluable tool as we and clients can buy, sell, loan, and trade with confidence. We loved the idea of artificial intelligence backing up our claim that an item was real, so as soon as we saw the device, we knew it was going to be worth having in our store.
Beth Anundi Capital Pawn and Couture
We had a 10 step process but instead of believing us, we now have official proof that an item is authentic with Entrupy.
Max Pawn Las Vegas

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