Entrupy for Online Marketplaces

Entrupy improves conversions and enables trustworthy commerce for online marketplaces.

Common problems for online marketplaces

Distributed Sourcing

Distributed sourcing leads to higher propensity to accept counterfeit products.

Scaling the Expertise

Online marketplaces find that scaling the authentication expertise is hard across all the warehouses.

Counterfeits Reduce Trust

Lack of buyer trust leads to lower sell through rates and also lower selling prices

Ways we can help

Trustworthy Commerce

Entrupy enables to promote trustworthy commerce, helps you to protect your brand & reputation

Increase Conversions

By displaying Entrupy's authenticity certificate for each of the luxury product that gets sold, conversions go up

Avoid Fraudulent Returns

Marketplaces can authenticate and verify the returned item to prevent any fraud due to fake returns

Reduce Human Bias

Entrupy's highly accurate authentication reduces human bias and improves the turn around time for authentication

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You're in good company...

We've reduced our authentication time from 7 days to literally an hour. Entrupy has helped us to improve conversions in our platform.
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