Entrupy Authentication Dispute Policy


Entrupy’s aim is to ensure our customers only deal in authentic items. Should an Entrupy user disagree with a result, the following process is used to resolve a dispute on a potential false-positive result. A false positive is defined as an item that has erroneously been deemed authentic.

Dispute Process:

  1. Within the Entrupy app, flag the item in question.
  2. Complete the ‘Result Dispute Form’ that can be found here: www.entrupy.com/dispute
  3. After our internal review process, if a manual review is needed, we will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label. If a manual review is not required, we will provide you with documentation to support our initial result.
  4. When shipping the item to us, please make sure to include all corresponding documents (i.e.: copy of the sales receipt, all accessories, straps, dustbags and/or accompanying paper inserts)
  5. We will re-scan the item in our office and analyze it again with our algorithms. Additionally, we will have the item authenticated by two separate reputable authentication companies.
  6. This timeline for this processes is 7-10 Business Days.


Where the item is deemed authentic:
– Your item will be returned to you.
– You will cover return shipping costs and the third party authentication fees. These will be charged to you during your next billing cycle.

Where the item is deemed inauthentic:
– If the item is currently owned by the user, we will purchase that item from you at the price you paid for it. Note that you need to produce an invoice or receipt to prove your ownership and price paid.

– If the item is not owned by the Entrupy user, we will reimburse the cost of the loan or the buyout price.

– If the item was consigned to the Entrupy user, the item should be returned to the customer and we will pay for return shipping if necessary.