Entrupy Authentication Certificates

Authentication certificates are the quickest way to remove virtually the only barrier when selling luxury goods online. Before the questions is even asked, you have already answered it., Yes, this item is guaranteed authentic.

When a customer submits an authentic item for verification through the Entrupy system, an instant digital certificate is produced, which can be shared via text, emailed, included in online listings and printed. Each authentication certificate is given a unique link, hosted on Entrupy servers for buyer verification and every authentication certificate is backed by our financial guarantee  for any incidental losses. Certificates will increase confidence while enabling listings to sell faster and for higher prices.

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Why You Need A Certificate

The Entrupy Authentication Certificate allows you peace of mind to know that the item you are purchasing is authentic

Certificates live on our servers so they cannot be tampered with.

Financial Guarantee

Each authentication certificate is backed by a financial guarantee.

Sell more

Items sell faster and for more money with an Entrupy certificate.

Financial Guarantee

At Entrupy, one of our key goals is to ensure trust as part of a transaction. To this end, we have developed an algorithmic and data-intensive detection system that has extremely high accuracy rates. On rare occasions, our advanced algorithms may not perform as expected. In order to ensure that our customers consistently have an outstanding experience, we provide certain financial guarantees.

Our guarantee states that any item we verified to be authentic and have issued a certificate for will be backed financially for the certificate holder. An Entrupy financial guarantee ensures that if Entrupy’s algorithms fail to detect a counterfeit item and instead verify it to be authentic, we will reimburse the amount spent to acquire that item in exchange for the item itself. Please refer to our dispute policy, found here, for more details