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Entrupy Case Study #2 – Marque Luxury

People have more confidence in the device and technology than they do in an individual and even though I have bought and sold thousands and thousands of designer items at this point, ultimately, I don’t have the same database in my mind that entrupy has inside of the device

Marque Luxury

Marque Luxury (formerly Marque Supply Company) was established by industry veterans to support the high demand for authentic pre-owned designer goods worldwide. Today, the company is known as the leading wholesale supplier of Authentic pre-owned designer items worldwide

As a wholesale company of luxury goods, Marque Luxury needed to improve the level of trust between the company and its customers by engaging a fail-proof system for accurately authenticating the wide variety of luxury goods sold by the retail giant.

Being a forward-looking business, Marque Luxury recognized the need to find a more advanced authentication solution to confirm the quality of the luxury retail items desired by their customers.

Marque Luxury reached out to Entrupy to learn more about the technology companies authentication device with a 99.1 percent accuracy rate. Using the most advanced artificial intelligence and image recognition software available today, Entrupy’s user-friendly, handheld device quickly verifies the authenticity by scanning microscopic data virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Entrupy has significantly improved the authentication process enabling Marque Luxury to reduce costs and time authenticating. The wholesale company of luxury goods has been able to increase the productivity of its staff while also expanding its product line to include a wider variety of luxury items authenticated by the Entrupy system. By leveraging Entupy’s technology, they were able to expand into bigger markets that they wouldn’t have been able to penetrate without it and therefore increasing their sales exponentially. Entrupy has become an integral part of how their company authenticates its products and builds trust with its customers.